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18 February 
From my personal facebook page - On the sad news and Facebook #BeKind

💜I don’t normally post on Facebook as you all know – so this is a very personal post for me 💜
However, I would like to use social media to bring attention to the next chapter in my life and why it matters to me.
So very briefly, I will explain - As a teenager I suffered with my own mental health, and as a parent I have seen first-hand the lack of support available to teenagers suffering with mental health issues.
I have prided myself to being very open with my children, to enable them to feel comfortable talking to me in times of conflict with their emotions or peers.
However open, the truth is there are just some things that weren’t said and what followed were years of suffering to my child and my family. A household where my children thought it “normal” having police or the ambulance at our house: My life was of hospitals, social workers, doctors and school offices.
This in turn effected my own mental health, feeling a failure as a mother and putting a strain on relationships with my friends and family.
In my own story the mental health services came in so late the harm had been done and the effects caused damage that I cannot change, and my child still lives with these.
Unfortunately, social media may have a large part to play in the emotions and isolation of our children today. It is very easy to say, they should be out playing like we did, or they should not be on the internet, video games or television so much – life has changed, and these things are out there, and the damage will continue.
In November 2019 I launched Cirencester Emporium and have been volunteering my time on this project tirelessly since. Phase one from my dining room, and after lots of work, to phase two from our unit at Cirencester Park.
However, I need your help to reach our aims and make it a success
Whether its Liking our FB Page Cirencester Emporium, spreading the word, volunteering a couple of hours of your time or helping in any way I would really appreciate it.
Please take a look at our aims for Cirencester Emporium and CELTIC
Together we can all make a difference
Thank you for reading
Stacey x

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